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Bulk Packaging Liners Products

We provide a variety of Bulk Packaging products and services that are best in quality and meet all the standards in any country across the globe.

Top Fill Bulk Container Liners

Product: Free-flowing bulk powders, pellets, granules and grain.

Description: A totally enclosed liner made to fit bulk containers specially equipped with filling hatches on the roof of the container.

Installation: The bulk liner is suspended in place by attaching the fixing point to hooks in the roof of the container. Filling sleeves correspond to the filling hatches. Strips of self-adhesive tapes or restraining flaps are located on the bottom of the liner to ensure that the liner is fixed to the floor and retained during discharge, especially when tipping. Depending on the type of bulk container used, the discharge sleeve is either full width or circular.

Handling: Gravity-fed hoppers are normally used for cargo loading although conveyors or pumps may also be employed. The liner may be inflated with air before filling. The container is usually tipped to discharge the cargo into a silo or hopper.

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