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Bulk Packaging Liners Products

We provide a variety of Bulk Packaging products and services that are best in quality and meet all the standards in any country across the globe.

Open Top Bulk Container Liners

Product: Any granular or free-flowing material..

Description: The open top bulk liner was developed specifically for cargos carried in open top containers. Grain is common cargo although plastic or chemical powders, cement, milk powder, sugar and salt are also carried. Open top bulk liners can also be used in top fill bulk containers, thus providing a very economical alternative.

Installation: The bulk liner is suspended in place by attaching to the hanging points and to the four corners. Self-adhesive tape on the bottom of the liner can be added to help secure the liner in place.

Handling: Cargo loading is achieved very simply by using front end loaders, conveyors, silos, gravity-fed hoppers or rotary flow pumps. The cargo is normally discharged by tipping into a silo or hopper. Open top bulk liners can be fitted to either open top containers or bulk containers

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